A number of Greek government websites, including those of the foreign ministry and prime minister, are suspected to have been the target of another hacking attack on Thursday evening.

The tourism, economy, environment and energy websites were also targeted as they went down at the same time.

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Last week, Turkish hackers attacked the websites of the foreign and finance ministries, as well as the Greek Parliament and the National Intelligence Service (EYP) websites in retaliation to the Greek government’s stance on the Turkish maritime agreement with Libya.

Investigations into the attacks have not found that any data was stolen by the hackers.

Hacker attacks in recent years had merely defaced the Greek websites. The recent attacks, for which the Turkish group called Anka Neferler Tim (Phoenix’s Helmets) has claimed responsibility, were “distributed denial-of-service” (DDoS) hacks which render websites unavailable to their users.

Last week, a Greek hacker group called Anonymous Greece responded by attacking the email services of 10 Turkish organisations including the police and the economy ministry.