Greek American businessman, Fotis Dulos, who is on trial for the murder of his estranged wife has attempted suicide, according to his attorney Norm Pattis.

Announced on Tuesday, Mr Pattis said that Mr Dulos, who is facing charges for the murder of his wife, Jennifer, attempted suicide at his home in Farmington, Connecticut.

According to reports, Mr Dulos’ condition was not made clear, but the attempt to take his own life was on the same day that his bond was likely to have been revoked.

He was involved in a heated custody battle for their five children with his wife, when she went missing on 24 May, 2019. Her body is yet to be found.

Mr Dulos was arrested in June over Jennifer’s disappearance. At the time the authorities had also focused their investigation on properties connected to Mr Dulos that were linked to the Fore Group, a custom home-building company that he owned.

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Police had also arrested his partner, Michelle Troconis. Both were charged with hindering prosecution and tampering with or fabricating evidence in connection with Mrs Dulos’ disappearance. They were arrested again months later on a further charge of tampering with evidence.

This week, Connecticut State Police formally charged Mr Dulos with capital murder, murder and kidnapping. They alleged that Mr Dulos was “lying in wait” for his estranged wife after she returned home from taking the children to school. A violent assault then allegedly took place in the garage. Blood stains were found at the site.

The police recovered a bike thrown into rubbish that was similar to one ridden by Mr Dulos. On the day of Mrs Dulos’ death, surveillance cameras showed that a similar bicycle had been ridden by someone in a hoodie towards Mrs Dulos’ home.

According to the police arrest warrant, the accused tied Mrs Dulos with plastic zip ties, put her inside her own car and then cleaned up the garage. Surveillance footage shows the car leaving at 10.25 am.

Relying on evidence of Mrs Dulos’ blood found at the home and the efforts to clean the scene of the crime, as well as items found in Hartford that were traced back to the victim, the Connecticut chief examiner said that Mrs Dulos had “sustained an injury, or multiple injuries” which were “non-survivable without medical intervention”.

Mr Pattis said the evidence produced so far, did not make it clear that his client was involved in the murder.

“There are reasons to suspect Mr Dulos, but I’d be stunned if the state could obtain a conviction on this evidence,” said Mr Pattis.

Ms Troconis was also arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Attorney Kent Mahwinney, a friend of Mr Dulos, was also charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Their children, whose age ranges from eight to 13 years, are in custody with the victim’s mother, Gloria Faber, 85, in New York City. Mr Dulos allegedly owes Ms Faber $1 million – money he borrowed from her in 2004 to pay for his business.