The feast day of St Haralambos is celebrated on 10 February.

St Haralambos was the Bishop of Magnesia in Asia Minor, where he spread the gospel for a number of years.

He was eventually arrested for preaching, and brought to trial, during which he confessed his faith in Christ and went on to be severely tortured.

Despite his old age, he endured the torture and upon witnessing this legend has it that two soldiers were overcome to confess their own faith in Christ and for doing so were beheaded on the spot. Three women watching on also confessed their faith, and were martyred.

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Military commander Lucius then started to torture St Haralambos himself, but his forearms were cut off, while the proconsul Lucian spat in his face and his own head turned around. They then prayed for mercy, and were healed by St Haralambos, leading them to become Christians themselves.

But St Haralambos’ torture continued, condemned to death. He then prayed, giving up his soul to God before he was killed. According to legend, he was 113 years old when he died in 202.

It is believed that Roman Emperor Septimius Severus’ daughter Gallina converted and buried the saint.

Those with the following names celebrate their feast day on 10 February:

  • Haralambos: Haralampos, Haralampous
  • Haralambia: Hara, Haralampia, Lambia, Lampia, Lambo, Lampo, Bambina, Bilio, Mpilio, Hambi, Hampi
  • Harilaos: Haris
  • Hariklia: Haroula