Golden Dawn member of the Greek Parliament, Elias Kasidiaris, has told Radio 3XY that his Party plans to open an office in Melbourne and a delegation of parliamentarians will be visiting Australia soon.
The radical right party has toyed with opening offices in Australia and around the world, and believes there is demand for them here.
Already, Golden Dawn have reportedly set up a New York office in attempt to reach out to the Greek diaspora and have a New York based website in both Greek and English.
President of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria, Bill Papastergiadis, says he’s baffled the party believes they have a following here.
“I’m completely unaware of their significance in Victoria,” he tells Neos Kosmos. –
“In a country which prides itself on multiculturalism, its policies don’t fit well with the Australian environment, so I don’t see its relevance.”
The party won a seven per cent minority in the Greek Parliament and has 18 ministers representing the party in Greece. Golden Dawn has become synonymous with racial and homophobic violence and has terrorised Greeks from all walks of life.
Kasidiaris himself grabbed headlines around the world when he attacked Communist Party leader Liana Kanneli live on a morning TV show last year.
Minister for Cultural Affairs and Citizenship, Nick Kotsiras says he cannot fathom why a Greek party can gain popularity with completely contradictory views to that of Greeks everywhere.
“Greeks fought for freedom, and Greeks fought to ensure that our children are able to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours. And for a political party to say the opposite is an insult,” he says.
Minister Kotsiras believes the party will fade away over time, and predicts it will be a “one term wonder”.
Yet, despite its extremist views, Golden Dawn has gained support from some in the police force. Reports have suggested that instead of breaking up protests, some police officers have stood idle as people are beaten.
Minister Kotsiras says he won’t meet with the Golden Dawn ministers when they come to Melbourne and thinks “the best thing is to ignore them”.
“Golden dawn’s views are not welcome in Victoria. They are irrelevant, misdirected and inappropriate,” he says.
On their New York website, Golden Dawn promotes itself as fighting “against altering our racial demographics by the millions of illegal immigrants, and the dissolution of the Greek society promoted by both the coalition parties and the so-called left”.