How extensive is the connection between siblings? In The Swan, The Demon and The Warrior, author Pegus examines this powerful question.
As a trilogy, the book shares a saga that begins with the invasion of a monastery, then travels through historical periods as well as different lands and cultures.
A story of family love and the devotion of a sister to her murdered sibling, the book engulfs the concepts of justice, hope and existence of powers beyond human understanding.
Pegus hopes readers will see that the book denies established beliefs about time, immortality and the existence of the soul as it embraces those very beliefs to fulfill itself as a story.
“In my travels, I have encountered peoples of varying cultures and beliefs,” Pegus says. “I have discovered that humans, to varying degrees, are not much different than one another.”
The Swan, The Demon and The Warrior aims to reveal how people, regardless of culture, background and location, are united by their humanity.
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