An ice cream court case between George Calombaris and Mr Whippy is officially over, after the dispute with the soft-serve giant was settled outside court.

Confidential understands Calombaris paid out $4000.

According to Mr Whippy CEO Stan Gordon, the money would be donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

“It was the right outcome. I would never instigate legal action to make money,” Gordon said.

In September last year, Master Chef’s George Calombaris has been accused of “bullying tactics” after becoming embroiled in a legal dispute with Mr Whippy over a dessert served at one of his Melbourne restaurants, Kew eatery St Katherine’s.

Mr Whippy Pty Ltd claimed the dessert, dubbed “Mrs Whippi” and sold for $9.50, was a trademark infringement.

Calombaris infuriated Mr Whippy’s Stan Gordon after sending the company a letter saying their brand has “no reputation in a high-profile restaurant run by a celebrity chef”.

According to his restaurant’s online menu, Calombaris dessert’s name has now been changed to “Old Fashioned Soft Serve”.

For Calombaris, there are other things to worry about this week.

On Tuesday, Master Chef: The Professionals sank to low ratings of just 524,000 viewers, finishing in last place in the top 20 shows of the night.

Its arch rival My Kitchen Rules had an astounding 1.916 million viewers.

Source: Daily Telegraph