A third person has died from coronavirus in Victoria, with the national death toll now at 12 people.

The state’s first deaths were in their 70s, however Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer Brett Sutton said that he did not want to give the impression that “if you’re over 70 with no medical condition at all that you are not at risk of dying or needing intensive care because that is certainly the case.”

There are a total of 2,675 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia.

Dr Sutton said that the first deaths were “not unexpected” as thenumbers who tested positive increased. “They are regarded as coronavirus deaths,” he said. “The reality is if you are over 70 you are more vulnerable. This is what coronavirus does.”

He pleaded people take social distancing measures more seriously.

Coronavirus cases in Australia

Cases in Australia: 2,675

New South Wales: 1,219

Victoria: 520

Queensland: 443

Western Australia: 205

South Australia: 197

Australian Capital Territory: 44

Tasmania: 42

Northern Territory: 5