New restrictions were introduced in Australia on Sunday night.

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison limited the number of people present at public gatherings, excluding household members, to a maximum of two.

“This is the strong advice of all States and Territories, that unless it’s your household, your family, those who are living at your residence, that being with only one other person as a gathering outside is what is required,” he said.

The current restrictions of five people at weddings and ten people at funerals will remain in place.

Everyone has been advised to stay home unless hopping for essentials, receiving medical care, exercising or travelling to work or for education.

People over 70, or over 60 with pre-existing conditions and Indigenous people over 50 should stay home wherever possible for their protection.

“This does not mean they cannot go outside, they can go outside and be accompanied by a support person for the purpose of getting some fresh air, some recreation but they should limit contact with others as much as possible,” Mr Morrison said.

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Evictions have been put on hold for six months for renters by the states and territories and landlords and renters have been encouraged to talk about short-term agreements, however more information will be released this week.

“If you aren’t going to engage in that sort of cooperative activity, between banks, between tenants and between landlords, then the sort of support that you might otherwise expect to receive, then you will not receive.”

Mr Morrison said that outside gyms and skate parks would be closed from Monday, and that boot camps would be reduced to two people.

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So far, 16 Australians have died after contracting Covid-19 but the rate of infections has dipped to nine per cent from 30 per cent.