Greek Australian Lee Tarlamis, Premier Daniel Andrews’ right hand man and acting political adviser, was sworn into Victoria’s Parliament on 23 April.

“In my life it had been my greatest privilege and honour to serve my community in Parliament and having the opportunity return to the Victorian Parliament to fill the vacancy in the Legislative Council in South Eastern Metropolitan Region created by the resignation of Gavin Jennings is indeed humbling,” he said in a Facebook post.

“When I first entered Parliament I said it was my hope and ambition that everything I did reflected well upon the community I served, that I grew up in and live and the Party that has always supported me – I reiterate that commitment now.

“Since I was young I have believed that all people must have access to the rights and privileges of our society, irrespective of where they lived or who they were – values of justice, compassion, equality and socially progressive policies.

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“I know that Victoria remains a diverse, welcoming and multicultural community. It is no easy task to create such a community. This is something a Labor Government will fight every day for – as will I.

“Regardless of the positions I have held, I have been fortunate to have worked with – and I now look forward to again serve amongst – committed, passionate people from all sides of politics, the union movement and the community sector who every day strive to remake our social conditions and a better society.”

Mr Tarlamis had been rumoured to be the replacement of Gavin Jennings since Victoria’s special minister of state resigned after 21 years in Parliament last month.

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