Meyhane – the 5-person ensemble of Melbourne musicians – will be taking part in the Brunswick Music Festival this month. Meyhane play traditional music from the eastern Mediterranean, Anatolia and the Balkans with a researched authenticity.
Meyhane, pronounced, may-ha-neh, is a very old expression used commonly in the Balkans and Anatolia deriving from “mey” (wine) and “hane” (tavern). For hundreds of years, fine musicians performed at these “wine-taverns”. Patrons enjoying an aperitif were enthralled by the ageless, exotic sounds of the old Meyhane. The Meyhane of yesteryear greeted its eclectic audiences with violins, ouds, lutes, sazs, upright pear-shaped fiddles, cane flutes, subtle percussion and enchanting vocals. Performers hypnotised the masses with fine musicianship and it’s with these authentic instruments and skills that Melbourne’s Meyhane strides to captivate the audience, and take the listeners’ back in time. The musical style truly typifies and remains loyal to the Meyhane tradition of old.
Musicans’ Lambros Kappas (Oud, Vocals); Paddy Montgomery (Politiki Lyra, Yayli Tanbour, Saz, Lute, Vocals); Demetris Hoplaros (Violin, Vocals); Tony Iliou (Lute, Vocals); and George Kiriakidis (South Balkan Lyra, Accordion, Cane Flute, Percussion, Vocals) make up the five piece Meyhane.
Meyhane will perform as part of the Brunswick Music Festival on Wednesday 13 March at 8.30pm; at the Mechanics Institute Performing Arts Centre, cnr Glenlyon Rd and Sydney rd, Brunswick. Tickets are $26/$20, and are available by visiting