More than two months since the end of the regular season, which was also marked by the beginning of the coronavirus restrictions, Greek teams have been allowed to enter the pitch and continue their training, albeit in a limited capacity.

More specifically, the announcement by the Greek Sports Ministry points out that players are only allowed to train within groups of eight people or less, while also following the strict guidelines given by the health authorities which include the wearing of masks, gloves and personal equipment.

Players have also been instructed to wear their gear from home rather than changing in the team’s locker rooms, and heading straight home after their training is complete to further reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Meanwhile, club officials are meeting on a regular basis in order to find the ideal formula upon which the Greek Super League can resume, with only the play-offs left to be held.

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After last week’s teleconference of the league’s board of directors, it was decided, among other things, that the chairperson would submit a request towards the government in order to complete the season.

A working group will also be formed in order to detect the true impact of the coronavirus restrictions on the competition, with the participation of members from the league’s legal and financial departments.

Additionally, the Hellenic Professional Footballers Association (PSAP) had a meeting with the captain of each club in order to discuss contract reductions, yet it appeared unfruitful.

The players were given a proposal for a 25 percent yearly reduction (which roughly translates to 83 percent for the two-and-a-half months they were out of action), which was met with a fair amount of negativity, leading to the arrangement of a new teleconference that was to be held later on in the week where they hoped to reach a final agreement.

The skippers pointed out that they would discuss the offer with their fellow teammates and return with a counter-proposal of their own.

One thing the two sides did agree on however, was the hygiene protocol that the players committed themselves to uphold from now on in order to maintain a safe environment for themselves and everyone else within their field. It’s worth pointing out that the teleconference lasted for close to three hours.