On Greece’s famous party island, Mykonos, locals decided to defy government restrictions and throw an ‘Anti-Coronavirus’ party on the beach.

On Friday night, what was supposed to be a small gathering turned into a huge beach party with a bonfire, DJs and drinks.

The incident took place while COVID-19 restrictions remain active and attendees not only ignored the allowed number of people per gathering but also ignored social-distancing measures.

The ‘anti-coronavirus’ party, based on a video posted by the local channel Mykonos Live TV shows almost 100 people dancing and mingling in close proximity. Police were notified of the incident two hours after the party was in full swing and arrived to break the crowd.

There are still no tourists in Mykonos; only locals and a limited number of business owners that travelled from other locations in Greece to prepare their venues for the tourist season and the grand opening in July.

Watch video below: