Fans of the Greek Super League will soon be able to see their favourite team in action once again, as an official date for the start of the play-offs has been set.

After a teleconference between all 14 members of the board of directors of the league, the proposal by chairperson Minas Lysandrou to resume the season on the first weekend of June (6-7 June) found no opposition, and will be submitted to the government for official approval.

According to the schedule that was drawn up, the final round will be held between 18 and 19 of July, allowing the clubs ample time to organise their roster for the following season (2020/21).

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One week later, the Greek Cup Final is set to take place, which means that there will also be mid-week matches taking place until the end of the season, with the inclusion of the European Cup games (where Olympiacos still have the return match against the Wolverhapton Wanderers for the round of 16 for the Europa League.)

Additionally it was decided that should any team member show any symptoms of the coronavirus, they would be placed in isolation at home for fourteen days, with the rest of his teammates and training staff being put under quarantine for five days in an area that will be set by the board or by the club officials.

Meanwhile, all the teams have resumed their full squad training after restrictions were removed and are now organising their plans for the time when they return to the pitch.

Players have completed a series of tests against COVID-19 and are now anticipating the moment where they enter the pitch.