Oakleigh’s famous Hellenic precinct in Eaton Mall is alive and well.

Patrons enjoyed seated dining inside and outside the area’s famous eateries, throughout this week as restaurants opened to diners for the first time.

Neos Kosmos was in Eaton Mall between 12.30 and 1pm.

Eateries observed the state government’s restaurant reopening rules, including patron limits per enclosed space. Social distancing measures were informed with 1.5 metre distances between tables while hand sanitisers were offered to guests.

Here are three pictures of lunchtime patrons in the heart of Oakleigh a short time ago. Compare them to two pictures of the same area, at roughly the same time, two months ago during the height of the coronavirus lockdown.

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Greek restaurant patrons happily sit with their tables 1.5 metres apart, in Eaton Mall, today at 12.51pm.

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Guests enjoy the sun at Eaton Mall, Oakleigh


Back then: The middle of Eaton Mall, 30 March, at 11am.
During lockdown: The top of Eaton Mall, on Thursday 26 March, at 1.09pm