Dimitri Alexopoulos was honoured for his services to the Greek community especially the Arcadian element which he has served from various positions.

For years he has been the president of the Panarcadian Federation, also serving as president of the Panarcadian Association “O Kolokotronis”, and at the same time has been editing the newspaper Arkadika Nea.

In a statement by the board of directors of “O Kolokotronis”, the group congratulated him for the award.

“The awarding of the OAM to Dimitrios Alexopoulos is the reward of his systematic, uninterrupted and long-term work in the events of the Greek community. The Board of the Panarkadikos Association “O Kolokotronis” congratulates Dimitrios Alexopoulos, a veteran of our Association and our Mentor. His award honours his work. Every distinction of a fellow compatriot is an honour for Greece.”

Among those honoured this year with distinctions are former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Bronwyn Bishop, Belinda Hutchinson, Naomi Milgrom, Dennis Napthine and others.

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These distinctions are given for the contribution of our fellow citizens to society as a whole in various fields.

More Greeks honoured include:

  • Angela Lyris from New South Wales for her services to Education
  • Dimitrios Alexopoulos, from Victoria, for his services in the Greek community of the state
  • Charalambos Andreas Vatiliotis from New South Wales, for his services in the field of musical instrument making
  • Philia Angela Politis, from the Murrumba Downs area of ​​Queensland for her services to people with disabilities and society in general
  • George Petrou, from Mont Albert, Victoria for his services to the fine arts and to the veterans of the Armed Forces
  • Stefanos Christofis, from the Nightcliff of the Northern Territory for his services to the Greek Orthodox Community of Darwin
  • Jeanette Miller Anomatopoeia from the Northern Territory, for her services to the people of the Northern Territory through various roles. She is the wife of the well-known expatriate Ioannis Anikotomatis, who during 2000-2003 was the Commander of the Northern Territory

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