Young man Thomas ‘Tommy’ Tran, 20, died during a brawl at Oakleigh’s Greek Precinct at Eaton Mall. Police say the fight broke out at Atherton Road before 8pm n Monday.

Amy Tran, the mother of the young man, said her son was killed after going to the gym but she did not know why the attack took place.

Mr Tran, who was studying to be a personal trainer, died at the scene after being fatally stabbed.

The police arrested a 15-year-old boy and 20-year-old man from Dandenong and two other men, aged 19, from Lynbrook and Lyndhurst. The four have been released and the investigation is continuing.

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Steve Dimopoulos MP offered his sincerest sympathy to the family of this young man and said “no person should ever die in these circumstances.”

He took to social media to thank Victoria Police for “their timely response”.

“This is a location that is loved across Melbourne. It is on the map as a safe place for people to dine and come together,” Mr Dimopoulos said.

“There is no place for violence in our community. Not now. Not ever. Whatever disagreements people may have – it is never worth someone’s life.”