The queen of Greek morning shows Eleni Menegaki ends her journey on Greek television on 1 July, which also marks an end to 15 years on Alpha TV.

A day before her grand finale, she broke down in tears while listening to her ‘koumbara’ Natasha Theodoridou sing after a video dedication of her life. “Lower the music because I was somewhere else,” she said. “That’s why I don’t want to listen to Natasha on this show… she always creates emotions… I associate her with so many things in my life, with very pleasant, with very moving and with difficult periods in my life.”

Shortly after, Ms Theodoridou appeared on the plateau with tears in her eyes. The singer remembered some of the most pleasant moments she had shared with the presenter. “There is no end for me. This plight, this journey is beyond beginning and end,” she said. “May everything be perfect and magical! Because I know you, I’ll say… because your mind is my strength, the time has come for strength to pass from my mind to your heart and may your heart be strong.”

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