The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, announced 165 new cases today, with 30 connected with outbreaks and 135 under investigation. 40 are in hospital and nine in intensive care.

One of nine public housing towers to remain under ‘hard lockdown’

One of nine public housing towers placed under complete lockdown from Saturday, will remain in isolation after a large number of coronavirus cases were found within the units. The other eight towers will move to the same stage three restrictions imposed on the rest of Melbourne

From the tests conducted across the towers, 159 people have been tested positive with COVID-19.

Residents of the other towers will now be allowed to leave their homes, except for those who have tested positive or are a close contact of a confirmed case.

The state has not yet reached the peak of its recent coronavirus outbreak, according to Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton, however he stated that the stay-at-home directions will drive the number of cases down.

No final decision has yet been made about remote learning.

Masks are being considered as Brett Sutton stated that Victorian government is working on advice on how to wear masks, so that people can make their own.