Tom Karalis will take on 953km, riding between Melbourne and Sydney to raise money and awareness for blood cancers.
It is the fifth most common cancer for Australian men and women, 31 people are diagnosed every day with the disease.
Starting tomorrow on the seven day gruelling journey, Mr Karalis is hoping his ride will inspire people to donate and learn more about the deadly disease
“Hopefully we can inspire the wider community to contribute and together make a real difference to sufferers’ lives,” he says.
“Research into blood cancers has quite a way to go as it’s still at the starting point compared to the other established cancers in terms of funding. This is only the beginning of what should become a national conversation.”
Riding along with his colleagues from the biotechnology company Celgene, the team banded together to support the charity ‘Helping Patients Fight Blood Cancer’.
Already keen riders, the team will be tackling 10 hour riding marathons to get to Sydney in seven days, hoping to raise the $5,000 target.
Blood cancer is second only to lung cancer in the number of Australian lives it claims each year. Around 11,500 Australians are expected to develop leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma this year. About 40,000 people live with one of these forms of blood cancer today. Little more than half are expected to survive.
Leukaemia Foundation general manager, Stephanie Hechenberger says greater funding for research is needed. “Around 4000 people are expected to lose their life to blood cancer this year – so clearly, the ongoing need for research is great.”
People can donate to the ride by visiting