Greek Australian  Eve Black, 28, has been arrested after failing to give police her details at a checkpoint and then gloating about it in a Facebook video which went viral.

Following her first video posted last Thursday, she was unsuccessful in trying to pull the same stunt at the inner-city suburb of Carlton.

Victoria Police allege she refused to provide her name and address or state her reason for travel. The police allege that they were forced to break her car’s window during the arrest as she refused to wind down her window or step out of the vehicle as directed.

The arrest took place at 1.55pm on Wednesday. Charges include failing to hand over her driver’s license, failing to state her name and address, violating COVID-19 public health orders and traffic offences.

She has been released with a summons and will face court at a later date.

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Last week, Victoria’s Assistant Police Commissioner Rick Nugent condemned the original video. “Our members are out there all day and all night working incredibly hard to keep our community safe,” he said.

“This was a selfish and childish act… it was ridiculous, it was unnecessary. If that woman lived in that area or had a good reason to be in that area, she would be allowed through. If not, she’s breaking the law.”

Despite the backlash following the video, Ms Black – who has since deleted all her social media accounts – said she regretted nothing. She acted on the belief that COVID-19 is a “SCAMdemic”.