A unique Greek architectural project has made the finals for the international architectural award Architizer A+ Awards 2020, the winner of which will be decided within the next few days.

This project stood out amongst thousands of entries across the globe. Named the ‘Nonagriam Twins’, it was designed by the Greek architectural firm A31, led by architect Praxitelis Kondylis and his team Iro Papadopoulou and Stefanos Nasopoulos. It is in fact a subterranean abode consisting of two summer houses on the beautiful island of Andros with spectacular views of the big blue.

Modern and rigorous, the design bears clear lines and is organically linked to the natural landscape of the island. The aim was to fully integrate the construction with the surrounding area, utilising the plot’s seamless view and location to create open spaces overlooking the sea.

Photo: www.a31.gr

With the creation of ‘green-roofs’ that cover the dwelling, these summer homes offer absolute privacy, and blend beautifully into the natural Cycladic landscape making the most of the breathtaking views.

The summer home is energy efficient with geothermal heating and a design that minimises the need for heating or cooling in the winter and summer months.

The Nonagriam Twins is fast becoming the favourite amongst the five finalists competing for first place, but at this moment in time every vote counts as the competition closes on 31 July.

In only a few seconds you can vote for this fine example of Greek Architectural innovation. Click on the following link to cast your vote: Vote for Nonagriam Twins

For more information visit www.a31.gr