The August full moon is extra special in Greece thanks to the free events which take place at archaeological sites and museums around Greece.

This year is no exception. On Monday, 3 August, Greece will open up 77 archaeological sites and museums around the country to the public. There will be free cultural events at 37 of these, making for a unique experience.

The events are organised by Greece’s Ministry of Culture and Sports and will be conducted according to the current security protocols to ensure not only the safety of the sites and museums but also bearing in mind the global pandemic. Social distancing will be practised to facilitate a pleasant experience without the usual crowds.

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Last year, over 60,000 people visited the archeological sites, monuments and museums throughout the country.

The events that will take place this year are mainly music concerts, theatrical performances, dance performances, poetic recitations, documentary screenings, art exhibitions, and of course, stargazing. Most of the events will take place in collaboration with the local government and cultural associations.