A Greek San Franciscan artist is taking to the Greek diaspora to sell his uniquely designed clothing and hygienic masks through his online stores.

Costa Vorrises has approached “Greek newspapers, magazines, anything online that I could share my @greek_to_me_store with. I’ve sent out many, many emails. It’s amazing to have an opportunity to share my story in Australia when I live in San Francisco, California,” Mr Vorrises told Neos Kosmos.

“I have had people send me pictures with my Greek T-shirts from all over the United States, Greece, Australia and South Africa as well. It’s worldwide shipping through the platform I use, which is teesping.”

Mr Vorrises, 39, is a realtor who has also been an artist since he was 21.

“I started drawing and painting and just kept going. I always wanted to create more and more. I feel like I can’t stop even if I tried. My art portrays the grind of day to day life. Fast paced, different directions, ending and continuing, all at the same time.

He uses different mediums, including ink, acrylics, oil paint pens and chalk.

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“I always wanted to see people wear my artwork. I’ve sold T-shirts throughout the years with my art on it and now trying to sell on masks due to the pandemic. I just started in May of 2020 and the support has been better than I could have imagined.

“I made shirts off and on throughout the years, but now I am full on running an online store with t-shirts. I have four stores – @greek_to_me_store , @sports_quotes_store, @artists_quotes_store, and @love_of_food_store.

He said the deliveries of his products could range from one to three weeks, depending on the buyer’s location and restriction due to COVID-19 regulations.

♦ View Mr Vorrises’ Greek to me Store online 

A model with one of Costa Vorrises’s Greek themed T-shirts.


Costa Vorrises sports a mask based on one of his art works. Photo: Facebook