Swimmers are preparing to dive into the seas of where the mythical city of Atlantis was said to have once stood.

The Santorini Experience continues onto its sixth year, taking place between 2-4 October.

Open Water Swimming by Vikos during the Santorini Experience Photo: Babis Giritziotis

Participants will have the opportunity to race in the sea gap between Thira and Thirasia, which was formed during the Minoan eruption that took place in 1613 BC, with a depth of more than 1,000 metres.

The open water swimming race will also give swimmers the chance to enjoy the imposing view of the island in the warm waters of the volcano.

Santorini is the ultimate destination for every traveler all year round Photo: Elias Lefas

The volcano of Santorini is one of the world’s biggest active underwater volcanoes and perhaps the only volcano whose caldera reaches the sea.

For more information about the event, head to www.santorini-experience.com