Readers of Neos Kosmos in the environs of the City of Hume advise us that Greco-Assyrian Municipal Councillor Joseph Haweil who is once more seeking re-election in Aitken ward in Hume is highly regarded for a number of reasons.

1. He is considered peerless in his understanding of local issues, is possessed of integrity, practicality and has, during his tenure, been a principled and outstanding advocate for the interests of residents.

2. It is widely held that he regards his position as one from which he may serve the community rather than a prelude to playing party politics.

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3. His maternal line hails from Florina and he has a unique appreciation of the ethnic diversity and disparate cultural and religious requirements of the ratepayers of Hume.

4. He is not afraid to don the goat hair foustanella, as the accompanying photograph, taken at a different kind of freedom march proves and can take heavy chafing.