Two neighbourhoods shaped by Greek Australian populations have made the top 10 of coolest suburbs in the world.

Yarraville in Melbourne’s inner west, which was shaped by its once-bustling Greek population, was voted as the fifth coolest neighbourhood in the world.

Time Out’s global survey applauded Yarraville for its “community spirit” stating: “For a relatively small suburb, the cross-section of food, drink and things to do here is pretty remarkable, ranging from landmark, Art Deco cinema Sun Theatre to restaurants like the Indigenous-owned restaurant Mabu Mabu and tiny, contemporary Australian fine diner Navi. With an epicurean edge and a perfect balance of residential and recreational, right now there’s no place like Yarraville”.

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Yarraville was former a working class suburb with a large Greek population, however it has experienced rapid gentrification due to its close proximity to the CBD. It served as the backdrop of “The Wog Boy” is still known for its Greek cuisine and is the location of St Nicholas church and Greek school.

Another suburb shaped by a large Greek population, Sydney’s Marrickville, came in at 10th spot.

Number one on the list was Esquerra de l’Eixample, Barcelona.

There were 38,000 respondents to Time Out’s annual survey, which was also informed by editors and experts.

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