An online map allows residents in Greece to add their postal code online to see the measures and virus numbers in their region.

Greek Deputy Minister for Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias announced the release of this virtual map of Greece with information about current COVID-19 cases and anti-virus measures in each of the country’s 74 regions.

Regions are classified from one to four, depending on impact of the virus on the area and what anti-virus measures are in place there.

An interactive map is available on an official website, where citizens can click each region to see which measures are in place as well as the current case numbers in the area.

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The novel coronavirus infections in Greece are relatively low in scale, with mild fluctuations, professor and member of the specialists group at the Health Ministry Ghkikas Magiorkinis said on Friday, attributing the consistency to collective efforts.

Mr Magiorkinis spoke at the twice-weekly live briefing on the pandemic’s development in Greece.

Magiorkinis warned that the epidemic could still “enter an aggressive stage, as we see in other European countries,” and commented on the appeals court crowds (for the Golden Dawn verdict) this week as a potential super-infection hub. “We hope not, but we can’t exclude it, and will be monitoring the situation closely,” he said.