From setting the drapes on fire to jumping out the window of a girl’s house, Michael Yiannoudes has gotten up more mischief in his youth than most would in a lifetime.

Encouraged by his friends and family to share his peculiar stories Mr Yiannoudes set off to write his first book; Dodgy Mike.

The book is a compilation of 15 chapters filled with short stories, starting with memories from primary school through university with accompanying illustrations by Jan Trofimov and Natalie Yiannoudes.

“I suppose you could say my youth was one that resembled every classic teen film, filled with rebelliousness, mishaps, many cases of bad luck and practical jokes,” he explained in the book’s introduction.

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Mr Yiannoudes then transports us back in time to various facets of his life, from travelling around Europe, egging his university and at one stage taking on the Melbourne Marathon Committee.

“As I was approaching the finish line, a TV station was interviewing one of the top three finishes and the camera suddenly crossed over to me running the final 50 metres…As I crossed the finish line, the premier of Victoria at the time, John Cain, approached me to shake my hand. He was amazed that I had completed the race so fast…”

Suspicious of his incredible time, he got a call from the director the committee who was also a representative for the Olympic athletic team.

“He explained to me that there were rumours and concerns that I had cheated, He stated there were various checkpoints, which I didn’t pass. Of course, I didn’t agree.”

Photo: Dodgy Mike

In the final chapter, Mr Yiannoudes invites his readers to peek at stories from his equally as audacious friends.

Between wreaking havoc across Melbourne, pranking his sister Marilyn (who was often the target of his tricks) and even appearing on Blind Date in the 80s, there are stories for everyone to giggle at.

You can buy a copy of Dodgy Mike on ebay or by getting in touch with Mr Yiannoudes via Facebook messenger.