The Greek Australian Cultural League has published a special, full-colour edition 66th volume of the annual bilingual periodical Antipodes.

This year’s publication went ahead despite the COVID-related difficulties faced by the GACL and other cultural, literary and arts associations. This year’s Antipodes also celebrates the tenth anniversary of the organisation’s annual group art exhibition, Antipodean Palette and also serves as a tribute to acclaimed author and poet Vasso Kalamara.

Antipodes this year, is larger than its predecessors as it features the works of more contributors than in the past.

“This year’s periodical has many new contributors and a variety of articles which give this volume significant importance to our Greek-Australian literature and art scene,” said the GACL in a statement.

“We were able to undertake this year’s art exhibition, Antipodean Palette, on-line, with 15 artists from Australia and also to create a virtual gallery with their works under the theme-In Isolation. We are fortunate to include their works in this year’s.”

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This year, because of COVID-19, the periodical will be available on demand (see contact details below) by contacting the GACL for a copy. GACL members who have paid their membership fee will receive the periodical by post.

“We would like to thank every contributor and the generous sponsors towards this publication, as well everyone who assisted in its compilation, editorial and design,” said the GACL.

Antipodes will also feature the works of the winning participants of the GACL’s Literary Competition 2020. There are also plans to publish the periodical online.

♦ For more information about Antipodes, please contact Cathy Alexopoulos on 0428 968 715 or email: