Art on demand

Behind the first Australian custom-artwork website launched last week, stand Melbourne-based families and partners Angelidis and Papadatos

It was 66-year-old Stavros Angelidis who came up with an idea to transfer a framing industry, he spend over 40 years in, to art publishing in cyber space.
Founder of a Melbourne-based leading manufacturer in the art and picture framing industry, Stavros has initiated what may have seemed as a natural progression anyway – to make his industry and services available online and on demand.
Working alongside his son Tony and business partners Harry and Denis Papadatos, Stavros Angelidis was always used to being a leader in his industry and at least one step ahead of others, while providing unique and quality products.
And their new website is doing exactly that – stepping forward, in front of the rest of Australian market.
The website is the innovative custom-artwork website, the first of its kind in Australia.
The was officially launched to the public last Monday.
“ArtWorldPod is customized website. The artwork clients choose is printed to their customized size, they can even put down to the centimetre the size they would like their image to be. They also have an option of printing it on to paper or canvas. Unlike standard off set printers that use 4 four colours for image reproduction, ArtWorldPod uses so-called Giclee printing. The use of 11 different colours provides the maximum colour gamut to ensure the best colour reproduction, with the ink life rated at 100 years in the right conditions. Paper and waterproof canvas used are also of a high quality,” Tony Angelidis tells Neos Kosmos.
The other advantage that ArtWorldPod website has is the fact that all the artwork is being printed in house, in order to meet all quality aspects; and so the customers don’t have to wait for orders coming from overseas and taking forever.
“It’s all available here; there is a quick turn around. We dispatch orders within two-three days, and you receive them within a day or two after that. We are a local company based in Melbourne – if you need help or want to call us up, our experienced staff is happy to assist you with any enquiries,” Tony says.
The first in Australia to provide custom artwork services, will provide customers with a large collection of prints and paintings, counting at the moment around 8000 images available for purchase.
“It’s all on there; so customers can just basically look at the website, pick out the image, the size, the media they want to print it on, and it will be dispatched to them,” Tony explains.
A range of images vary from classical and vintage to contemporary and abstract designs; from nature, cityscapes and AFL team memorabilia prints to those of an iconic Australian landscape photographer Ken Duncan.
The famous photographer, extremely sought after by private collectors, has teamed with the company to offer a series of 12 panoramic images that will be available for the launch of the
For the first time ever, buyers will be able to customise the size of Ken’s photographs to suit their needs, with exquisite image reproduction available at a low cost on both paper and canvas prints.
“We have been dealing with Ken Duncan now for over 20 years; so we thought it would be a next step to involve and bring Duncan on to print on demand website. will launch exclusive custom Ken Duncan, Sporting, Nature & Vintage images offers. At the moment, there are 12 of his images on our website; and that will be growing,” Tony Angelidis says.
For Tony, who has been in the industry for over 20 years, making sure that the family business his father started always has the newest technology and is one step ahead of others; the hopes are that their custom-artwork website will open people’s eyes to new possibilities and to experiencing something different.
“For us – it’s exciting; and we hope it will be exciting for our customers too. It’s a new thing, something that is not available at the moment; where people can literally look at their wall and say – I need something that big, on canvas, in this colour – and they can have it.”
“It’s really limitless as to what they can do. Beside the sizing, beside the media they want to print on; if they really want to go one step further we can customize the printing even more. If they want the image cropped in half, if they want part of the colour taken out – we can do it for them. The services the ArtWorldPod provides are only limited by their imagination,” Tony explains.
The prices of the unique products and artwork available on range from $32 to $200.
To find out more, visit Art World Pod website, at