“It may take some time but currently the solutions we have in our hands are so effective that it is only a matter of time to reach the end” of the pandemic, stated Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla late Thursday to the public broadcaster ERT.

Speaking from the company’s headquarters in Connecticut, Bourla expressed the hope that normality will be restored soon and called on the people to continue to use the face masks and follow the scientists’ instructions until normality is restored.

Asked on how many doses of Pfizer’s vaccine will be available in Greece, he said that approximately 2 million doses from the 200 million that will distributed to EU.
On the virus’ mutation, Bourla said that it will take some time to understand how dangerous it is and stated “cautiously optimistic that the vaccine will be effective and to the specific mutation. “We will have more information in approximately two weeks after the conclusion of the experiments that we are currently carrying out to see if the vaccine is the same, less or more effective against this new virus”.

Referring to Pfizer’s investment in Thessaloniki, of the digital research centre, he said it is very important for the company adding that “Thessaloniki was selected not because we want to make someone’s favour but because we believe that it would correspond to the very demanding, the very high demands we have from such a hub”.