Stricter coronavirus measures will be imposed on Kalymnos island, in the southeast Aegean, as of Thursday, New Year’s Eve, the government said on Wednesday.

The measures go into effect at 06:00 on Thursday through Saturday, Jan. 9.

Kalymnos is one of the areas in which a spike in coronavirus cases has prompted the government to issue warnings for New Year’s celebrations. (While numerically, the cases appear low (12), the ratio of the rise last week was very high, compared to the total population.)

Thus, residents of the island forbidden to leave the island for all but health reasons. In addition, they are to observe an evening curfew from 18:00 every day to 05:00 the next morning.
Religious ceremonies are banned, and retail stores are shut down.

The Region of North Aegean and the municipality of Kalymnos will see to it that residents have all food and necessary supplies they need, such as medicine, and other emergency needs.

The health committee related to the measures will meet on Jan. 9 to decide whether restrictions need to be extended.

Greece registers 942 coronavirus cases

Greece registered 942 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, of which 22 were identified at entry points to the country, the National Public Health Organization (EODY) said on Wednesday.

Greece has so far registered 137,918 cases. Of these, 5,412 are related to travel abroad and 40,963 to already known cases.

A total of 443 patients are currently on ventilators. Their median age is 67 years, and 79.5 percent have an underlying condition or are aged 70 or more. Some 142 are women.

So far, 885 have been discharged from Intensive Care Units since the start of the pandemic in Greece.

In addition, EODY also registered 58 deaths, bringing the standing total to 4,788. Of the total, the median age of the deceased was 79 and 95.5 pct had an underlying disorder and/or were aged 70 or more, while 1,948 were women.

Source: ANA-MPA