The 2020 Annual General Meeting of the The Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria will be conducted at the end of the month.

The physical space will be accessible to a limited number of members in compliance with current Covid-19 restrictions and will also be accessible via a ‘virtual’ Zoom link.

The Board of Directors GOCMV will be taking questions equally from members attending the floor and via the Zoom link. per

The Meeting will take place at The Mezzanine Level of The Greek Centre (168 Lonsdale Street) in Melbourne on Thursday 28 January 2021 at 6.30pm.

How to register and attend the 2020 Greek Community’s AGM:

  • If you wish to attend in person, secure one of a limited number of places via the trybooking system.

Only ticket holders and authorised personnel will be permitted on the day.

To secure a ticket please book via this link:

  • If you wish to attend virtually follow the process below:

1. Please type and follow the link below in the address bar of your browser:

Do this today, or as early as possible.

2. Fill-in all the details and submit the registration form.

3. We will confirm current membership in our database.

4. If you are a current member, we will send you an ‘approved’ confirmation link with the technical details.

5. If you are not, but are still eligible to renew, we will send you a ‘renewal link’. Once we receive your renewal, we will send you the confirmation link.

6. If you are ineligible because you let your membership lapse more than 12 months, we will let you know.

To attend virtually, there are some technical pre-requisites:

-You will require a reasonably new computer, smartphone or tablet to attend the virtual meeting.

-If you want to ask questions during the AGM your computer will have to be equipped with a microphone.

-Please make sure you have tested your computer in advance for its compatibility with the Zoom client.