Anyone travelling to Athens in July will be able to see the Benaki Museum’s A Greek portfolio, 50 years later exhibition, honouring Greek American photographer Constantine Manos.

It pays tribute to the artist’s renowned photographic series, A Greek portfolio, a selection of personal photos taken in the 1960s in remote villages in Greece.

Constantine Costa Manos is an American photographer born in 1934, in South Carolina, to Greek immigrant parents. He is known for his images of Boston and Greece. Manos’ work has been published in magazines like Esquire, Life, and Look. He is a member of Magnum Photos.

The Benaki museum characterises his work as “crystallising fleeting everyday moments, in a spare and austere style, which is nevertheless tender, without any pompous rhetoric”.

Marking the 50th anniversary of Manos’ travels, the exhibition also brings to light some photographs that were never exhibited. The artist himself donated the photos to the museum’s photographic archive and will be on display until August 25.

Manos travelled the breadth and length of his parents’ country “as a friendly observer, with no rush or specific plan” and catalogued his trip through his photos.

Tickets are 5 euro. For more information visit