Among a small group of Australians who were able to secure the first doses to the Covid-19 vaccine ahead of the official rollout tomorrow was the Prime Minister.

Pfizer shots were administered to the Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly and Chief Nurse Alison McMillan; aged care residents; critical aged care staff and frontline workers, including Mr Scott Morrison alongside Jane Malysiak, an 84-year-old World War II survivor.

The PM and Ms Malysiak got the jab at Sydney’s Castle Hill Medical Centre while Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is also scheduled to receive his vaccine this week.

Speaking of Ms Malysiak, the Mr Morrison said that a “great Australian” leaving her mark on a historical moment.

“She came here from Europe when she was 13 and she’s built an amazing life in this country. She’s seen more things than most of us have,” he said, adding that “she’s taking part in what is a very historic day for our country”.

“We’re here making some very important points, that it’s safe, that it’s important and we need to start with those who are most vulnerable and on the front line,” he concluded.

At this stage, it is not mandatory for aged care workers to receive the vaccine, however, each state and territory has designated and will manage its own targets and priorities for vaccination rollouts.

Meanwhile, well over 200 million Covid-19 vaccine doses have already been administered globally.