Dimitris Lignadis, a famous stage actor and director and until recently artistic director of the National Theatre of Greece has been arrested.

Following many alleged victims coming forward, Lignadis, 56, is now accused of two rapes, one of a 14-year-boy back (now a 25-year-old man) in 2010 and another assault where the victim gave their deposition in front of the prosecutors but their identity is not known to the media.

According to the Hellenic Police, Lignadis presented himself at police headquarters, in central Athens, where he was arrested.

The former artistic director of the National Theatre of Greece denies all the accusations, while being held at the central building pending an examination before the magistrate.

It has been confirmed that a woman, intimately connected with the former national theatre director has come forward with incrimination information pertaining to his private life.

Lignadis resigned as director of the National Theatre of Greece earlier this month, complaining about a “toxic climate of rumours, innuendo, and leaks”.

His arrest comes weeks after former Greek Olympic champion Sofia Bekatorou revealed she had been sexually assaulted by an unnamed Hellenic Sailing Federation (HSF) executive, prompting a #Metoo movement in the country.

Culture Minister Lina Mendoni said she asked a Supreme Court prosecutor to investigate all abuse allegations in Greece’s theatre community.