The second in the two-part online lecture, entitled, The Greek War of Independence (1821-32): Between History and “mythistory” Part 2 by Yianni Carteledge, will be held online on Thursday, 25 February.

The lecture, presented in collaboration with the National Union of Greek Australian Students (NUGAS), is part of the Greek Community of Melbourne’s online seminars on Greek history and culture.

In the second instalment, Dr Cartledge will focus on the War of Independence itself, including the massacres, the civil war, the Egyptian invasion and the naval Battle of Navarino.

Dr Cartledge will also look at the aftermath of the war and its modern legacy.

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The first lecture, presented on 18 February, provided a background to the Revolution, the place of the Greek people in the Ottoman Empire, Europe and the world in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Dr Cartledge also looked into the beginnings of the Revolution and the initial outbreak.

The aim of the talks is to provide a diverse range of perspectives, ideas and meanings, and to help build a constructive discussion on the war on its 200th anniversary.

Dr Cartledge is a PHD candidate at Flinders University, South Australia. His thesis titled Aegean Islander Migration to the United Kingdom and Australia, 1815-1945: Emigration, Settlement, Community Building and Intergration looks at the cases of Chiots of London and Ikarians of South Australia.

His 2018 honours thesis explored the 1822 Chios Massacre under the Ottoman Empire and the ways in which it affected British attitudes towards the Greeks, leading to Christian-humanitarian intervention.

An article deriving from his thesis, titled The Chios Massacre (1822) and early British Christian-humanitarianism, was published in February 2020 in Historical Research.

He also recently published a biographical entry of South Australian fisherman and seafood merchant George Angelakis in the Australian Dictionary of Biography.

♦ If you want to actively participate and ask questions at the end of the seminar which takes place at 7pm on Thursday evening you will need to pre-register on the Zoom Webinar link. Alternatlely, you can watch the livestream of the event visit the Greek Community of Melbourne sites on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Periscope.

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