The owner of Olympiakos, Evangelos Marinakis has been handed a five-month ban from the field of play by the Greek Super League after he was found guilty of verbally abusing a match referee on Tuesday.

Mr Marinakis who is also the owner of English footbal club Nottingham Forest was also ordered to pay a €30,000 fine with the club being fined an additional €7,000.

The Super League decision was reached after Mr Marinakis was seen to be abusing referee Tassos Sidiropoulos at the end of an injury-strewn game between Olympiakos and Aris Thessaloniki at the end of February.

The Athens club currently tops the league and is14 points clear of Aris.

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The ban comes just over a month after Mr Marinakis and 28 defendants were cleared of match-fixing charges relating to events between 2012 and 2013. After months of deliberations the court found that there was no evidence for two charges of participation in a criminal group and of match fixing.