A13-point plan that will protect Greek sportspeople from harassment, violence and abuse of power was presented before parliament on Monday by the Deputy Minister of Sports and Culture Leftens Avgenakis.

The plan which is to be implemented by the end of the year, was drawn in the wake of revelations by Olympic medallists of sexual and other abuse, was announced by Mr Avgenakis folliwng a question on amateur sports associations by Communist Party MP Manolis Syntychakis.

Under the plan, the National Herald reported that the General Secretariat of Sports will set up a help desk to follow up on questions and requests by athletes, sports agencies and the public.

The deputy minister said that the help desk would be promoted through the “right channels” and the ministry would also establish a Sports Ombudsman to mediate when complaints were filed.

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Mr Avgenakis said that a telephone line would be set up in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs that would deal with calls relating to cases of abuse.

Under the plan, an ethics code for sports federations and agencies would be implemented along international guidelines.