In keeping with the spirit of 1821 and beyond, there are many Greek areas that were never liberated or simply lost their overall Hellenic character.

Some of these places with Greek heritage have been visited by filmmakers Basil Genimahaliotis and Billy Cotsis who put together the documentary Magna Graecia: The Greko of Calabria.

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Billy Cotsis (L) meeting some of the older Griko speakers Photo: Supplied

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To launch the documentary, the filmmakers will be joining the Pallaconian Brotherhood to discuss their careers in international documentary filmmaking with a particular focus on their work related to the Greek people (Greko/Griko) of Southern Italy (Magna Graecia) and other places worldwide.

Photo: Supplied

President of Pallaconian Youth, Miltiadis Paikopoulos is looking forward to sharing some deeper insight into Mr Genimahaliotis’ and Mr Cotsis’ travels and what they had discovered.

“The Pallaconian Youth have a passion for supporting the stories, ideas and people that help make Hellenism thrive around the world, and we see a great story in the work of Billy and Basil that needs to be told! Their work, promoting the vivid culture and history of the Greeks of Southern Italy (Magna Graecia) is a part of the living fabric of Hellenism that our ancestors fought so hard to preserve in 1821,” he said.

You can tune into the talk on 26 March at 7:00pm AEDST via Zoom or via Facebook Live.