Even though Queensland has had no locally acquired cases in the last 24 hours certain restrictions remain in place.

At the moment there are eight new cases with seven of those in hotel quarantine.

The one new case, which is believed to be a historical infection according to experts, is a nurse and the person that explains the trajectory of the cluster which led to Brisbane’s snap lockdown.

“So this is yet another nurse who has unfortunately, through doing nothing wrong, has contracted the infection, from a gentleman who is clearly a superspreader,” Queensland CHO Dr Jeannette Young, said.

“It’s not his fault either. He was the gentleman who came from Europe and was admitted and transmitted the infection to a doctor, now, he’s also transmitted it to a nurse. That’s that process that has happened.

“And then the nurse, again, through absolutely no fault of her own, has then gone home and transmitted to her partner, who is one of that group that we know who live in that north Brisbane area and a close social network. So then it spread within that network. And then we had the gentleman come forward, just outside of the blue, and get tested. So, due to all of those people doing what they did, so effectively, we found that cluster.”

While health authorities see no further reason to worry the PA Hospital is still in a lockdown with restrictions and extra precautions in place at all Queensland hospitals.

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