In the last 24 hours Greek health authorities identified 1,955 new coronavirus infections with 6 of these recorded at entry points to the country.

According to the National Public Health Organisation (EODY) there are also 749 patients currently in Intensive Care Units (ICUs), on ventilators.

Only from Saturday to Sunday 562 infected patients were admitted to hospital.

On Sunday there were also 78 deaths recorded; in total there have been 8,380 Covid-19 related fatalities. Of these, 95.7 per cent had an underlying condition and/or were 70 years old and older whereas the median age of the deceased is 79 years.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Greece has reportedly had in hospitals 272,414 infections with a median age of 44 years and 95.7 per cent of those presenting with an underlying condition as well as being over 70 years.