Whilst PAOK will vie for making themselves a sure second place fixture in the Greek Super League, the team will also be hoping to take home the Greek Cup championship after beating AEK on Thursday at Toumba Stadium.

PAOK will be duking it out with early Super League winner Olympiacos, after the Reds solidified their finals position with a victory over PAS Giannina on Wednesday.

In a quieter and possibly more peaceful year of football in Greece (thanks to the absence of die hard fans), PAOK was able to snag a second win over AEK, this time settling on a 2-1 score and rounding off a 3-1 aggregate.

AEK seemed to have the upper hand for most of the second half, with the determination to score to cancel out PAOK’s 1-0 win three weeks earlier.

No goals were scored in the first half, but AEK midfielder Kostas Galanopoulos gave his team a glimmer of hope scoring in the 70th minute.

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PAOK refused to give up and came out swinging, equalising in the 86th minute with a goal by forward Michael Krmencik before sealing AEK’s loss with an incredible lob by midfielder Andrija Zivkovic six minute into overtime.

Olympiacos wiped out PAS Giannina 3-1 in Piraeus, ending on a final aggregate of 4-2.

The Reds took charge from the moment they stepped out on the field, with superstar forward Youssef El-Arabi scoring the first two goals in the first half with a penalty at 26 minutes and serving up another goal just 15 minutes later.

PAS Giannina attempted a come back in the second half, with defender Alexandros Kartalis coming in at 50 minutes to score, but the team quickly had any chance shot down when Olympiacos forward Bruma scored just seven minutes later.

Olympiacos and PAOK will meet for the Greek Cup final on 22 May.