Northcote has flooded, it’s 2003, unprecedented deluge has washed away streets and damaged houses and it’s twilight.

A new play Night Breakfast is set in twilight during these December floods, seven women, all from non Anglo backgrounds, are now connecting and bonding as a way of overcoming this totally unexpected hurdle.

A wet play that includes a bus stop and a derelict building, three ethnic women, a narrative of real stories are all weaved together by song and dance.

Night Breakfast is theatre magic directed by Lynne Ellis, winner of the Ewa Czajor Memorial award for best female director and writen by Merrilee Moss (aka Moss) of Women on a Shoestring and the comic detective Fedora Walks.

Night Breakfast  Brings together Ella (Ayton Ulusoy) from Ankara Turkey and Irish backpacker Nicky O’shea (Helen Delaney).

They grow together as they overcome the challenges outside their comfort zone.   Anthea Sidiropoulos plays an aging Aphrodite who merely wants to dance, sing and play guitar as she reflects on her youth.

Chris  (Marg Dodson) and Joan (Francis Hutson), mother and daughter, carry baggage that weighs them down in rising flood-waters.

Whining Sophia (Angela Pudelo) and whinging May (Dorothy Yiu) are a comic counterweight in the never-ending tide of the Northcote flood.

Night Breakfast is at La Mama Theatre – Carlton Courthouse 349 Drummond Street  to Saturday March 14 Bookings: 9347 6948.