American Greek, Kalomoira Sarantis, is the big name behind the sweet face and voice that has graced the Greek entertainment scene for years now, since her debut on the reality talent show Fame Story.

She has been the centre of much press in Greece, both good and bad.

After years in the celebrity spotlight, rumours soared concerning Kalomoira’s abrupt departure from Greece in mid 2008.

Some say she was fed up with not being taken seriously enough as a performer, others are convinced it had much to do with a conflict of interest surrounding her contract with her music label.

Nevertheless, the starlet made tracks back home to the US for reasons unknown and unconfirmed until now.

Late last year, Sarantis committed herself to hosting a new comedic game show called Big in Japan, but has since been enticed to return to Greece in order to wed her childhood sweetheart!

While filming the show, her beloved boyfriend, known to the press only as Giorgos, accompanied her at every shoot.

The two have been, and continue to be, inseparable and

Kalomoira is rumoured be marrying her fellow American Greek beau sometime in 2010 in Greece at a small and intimate ceremony.

Kalomoira Sarantis’ career in the Greek limelight has been interesting to say the least.

After winning the reality talent show in 2004, Sarantis soon became Greece’s favourite import.

She not only won the singing contest, but won the hearts of many all over the country.