The Australian Red Cross of Victoria Greek Unit raised over $20,000 for the victims of the Victorian bushfires. The money was raised at the Antipodes Glendi last weekend as well as through various activities in the weeks leading up to the fiesta.

As Costas Katakouzinos the head of the Greek Unit explained to Neos Kosmos English Edition, (NKEE) “We raised $5,000 over the weekend and another $15,000 through fund raising events with the Greek Community prior to the festival.”

“We raised more on the Sunday as Glykeria promoted the cause, it was quite good and we met our expectations everyone was very supportive, the businesses, the people on the street, everyone” he said.

Katakouzinos, who is a realtor by trade, underscored the fact that no ethnically based Red Cross committee exists other than the Greek one.

“Greek Red Cross is a fundraising organisation. We organise events during the year. It could be tavern night and could be a dance and trivia nights anything which raises money for Red Cross,” said Katakouzinos.

“Red Cross is made up of a range units based on regions. Thirty years ago people like my father decided to do something and we now the second generation have carried on the torch,”  he added.

Mr Katakouzinos was also keen to highlight that the Glendi Festival was also a “great way to garnish profile for the organisation.”