An election seems to be looming after last Friday’s executive board meeting at the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria (GOCMV).

Two petitions were passed, one signed by up to 260 members called for an extraordinary general meeting with an exclusive item seeking an early election.

Accordingly, the President of the GOCMV, Bill Papastergiadis, told Neos Kosmos English Edition, (NKEE), “May 24 is the general meeting to proceed to elections, it is where I’ll put it to a vote, and, if the majority support the election, then we go for election.”

Costa Dikeos, the Community’s Treasurer, when talking to NKEE said: “I think when it comes down to a members’ petition I would never vote against it, as it is the right of the members.”

The Kinotiki Prootho (Community Progress) faction, which now has the support of Mr Dikeos, forced a spill a fortnight ago in which the Kinotiki Anaenosi (Community Renewal) grouping, led by Mr Bill Papastergiadis, lost key members from the executive, leaving Mr Papastergiadis as the President, but without his core support.