Mum’s the word for George Calombaris

Two Age Good Food Guide awards later, three restaurants down, a chef on television show Ready Steady Cook and now a judge of Channel 10’s new reality show, Master Chef Australia, George Calombaris is the flavour of the year. But in the midst of this celebrity hype, he will never lose taste for his family, especially for the most prominent woman in his life, his mother Mary Calombaris.

Why is your mum special?

She gave birth to me. But above all she gives me love with no complications.

How has your mum supported you?

My mother is a very proud women. She has always encouraged me to be hard working and given me the values to love food. Throughout my life she has always praised me and inspired me to achieve whatever my ambitions were and are.

Share a special moment you have had with your mum.

Recently, while working on my new cook book that comes out late this year. My mother has contributed 10 recipes to the book. We both worked together in her kitchen to produce the dishes.

It was a moment that I will have forged into my book and heart forever as a special moment together achieving one goal.

I love my mother to bits but as a Greek Cypriot mother we sometimes don’t see eye to eye. But at the end of the day the love will continue to be eye to eye.

When you are cooking together who controls the kitchen?

As much as my father gets the final say, my mother runs the house, and above all in her kitchen she is the Head Chef, and I respect that.

What is the best thing you have done for your mum on Mother’s Day?

I love Mother’s Day. It is a day to celebrate and life should be all about a celebration. But for me every day should be Mothers Day. We should never forget what our parents have been through to give us a better life.

What is the most embarrassing mum moment you have had?

My mother loves to embarrass me all the time. She loves talking to strangers and within a couple of minutes she tells them that her son is George Calombaris, “you know, the chef!”

Your mum is away in Greece at the moment. Is there any special message you would like to say to her for Mother’s Day?

“Mum, I hope you have a happy Mother’s Day, thank you for the never ending love that you given us and for always supporting me and being my number one supporter. Filakia and to my Eladda.”