Psychologists suggest that there are three main models of parenting; the authoritarian, the permissive and the authoritative.

The authoritarian is like living in a Saddam Hussein style of family regime.

This does not necessarily mean torture and hardship but it does mean the upbringing of the child is conducted with an iron fist.

The permissive model is a euphemism for a parent who is a push over.

Anything and everything goes; the children keep stretching the limits and consequently dictate the rules.

The authoritative parenting represents a middle of the road approach; a fair balance between discipline and flexibility.

The first two models are considered problematic and the respective families that use them are generally dysfunctional.

An analogy for the dysfunctional family can be found within the ranks of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne Victoria (GOCMV).

The petty squabbles, the super inflated egos, and the sheer immaturity of it all reminds me of unruly children misbehaving.

From where I sit what the GOCMV needs is an authoritative parent.

That is, a person who can exercise a healthy level of restraint while at the same time, enabling open dialogue and debate.

Someone who will forgive and forget but at the same time ensure that the same mistakes do not reoccur.

A leader who will delegate authority while harnessing all possible creativity.

A person who will be stern but fair. Someone who can successfully bridge all dissenting views and egos and build a consensus for the betterment of the Community.

One can only hope that such an authoritative figure does exist and will eventually lead the Community to much anticipated better days.