From inception up until the setting up process, how did you start your business?

Lidis Tailors and Menswear started back in 1971. My father and mother Steve and Pam Tseprailidis opened a shop on the Bridge Road shopping strip and dealt in mainly hand tailored suits and garments. These garments were all handcrafted and up to 40 hours of labour was required on each suit.

In 1990, I came into the picture. Before that I was working for Country Road in ‘costing’ of garment development.

A large store was up for lease and my father came up with the concept of opening a store and combining tailor made and ready made suits.

All needed adjustments to the ready made suits were to be made by us with our own professional tailors that way we controlled the quality of the garments we sold, and the adjustments were done to the highest of standards. Over the next 20 years business has grown and our regular customer base has expanded.

Has your Greek Australian background play any role in your business?

We have many Greek customers that have been with us from the early years of the business. Second generation Greek Australians that are in the corporate world and need to look professional are also a large portion of our business.

What would you say stands out as the comparative advantage of your business over the competition?

Our advantage is that we only carry quality labelled garments. Some of our labels are: Studio Italia, Flair, Pierre Cardin, Dom Bagnato, Ted Baker, Versace and more.

We treat each customer individually, by firstly working out which label will best fit his body shape.

Then once the garment and colour are determined, my father will come and mark the suit for the adjustments to be made.

We look at shoulders, neck line, sleeve length, trouser length, waist and other adjustments that may be needed to get the best possible fit. Most of the time these are done free of charge. Many of our corporate customers who prefer tailor made suits come from all over Australia and New Zealand.

How is business currently?

At the tail end of the global financial crisis I can proudly say that business is good due to the unwavering patronage from our regular clientele.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

I feel we will continue to grow and our main objective is to maintain a great product line combined with great customer service.

Do you have any tips for men’s fashion this season?

This Autumn/Winter season the slim fit suits are fashionable with 2 button jackets mostly with double vents and flat front trousers. Bold stripes are on their way out and pin stripes are coming in.